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the one from the hill behind the Windermere Hotel, which is reached by a lane turning off from Orrest Head. The Elleray one is the most extensive and complete to the north: but to enjoy the other, leave will be readily obtained at the hotel.
  St Mary's College

The village of Windermere is like nothing that is to be seen any where else. The new buildings (and all are new) are of the dark grey stone of the region, and are for the most part of a medieval style of architecture. The Rev. J. A. Addison, of Windermere, has a passion for ecclesiastical architecture; and his example has been a good deal followed. There is the little church of St. Mary, and there are the schools belonging to it, with their steep roofs of curiously-shaped slates and there is St. Mary's Abbey, (new, in spite of its antique name), and St. Mary's Cottage. And there will be the new college of St. Mary, standing in a fine position, between the main road and the descent to the lake. This college, of which the Rev. J. A. Addison is the warden, is designed to afford a cheap and thorough education, on sound church principles, to the sons of clergymen chiefly, though not exclusively. It is under high patronage, ecclesiastical and local. The pupils, in a college garb of the olden time, are a curious feature in the aspect of the place; and they will be more so when they get their new buildings to live in. Judging by the plan and elevation put forth, the edifice will be in excellent taste, and a great adornment to the neighbourhood. The large house, on the hill and amidst the woods of the Elleray estate, and often mistaken for the new college, is the property of
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