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space near the church, which used to be called the lungs of Bowness. The two great inns, however, are in airy situations,- the garden platform of Ullock's Royal Hotel overlooking the gardens that slope down to the shore; and the Crown being on a hill which commands the whole place. These inns are both extremely well managed; and it is for the traveller to say whether their charges, which are uniform, justify a complaint which has been made, (we think unreasonably as regards the Lake District in general) of high prices. During the season, which extends from May to November, the charges are two shillings for breakfast, (including meat, fish, &c.,) two shillings and sixpence for dinner; and one shilling and sixpence for tea. A private sitting-room is charged two shillings and sixpence per day. Ullock's Hotel, called Royal since the visit of Queen Adelaide in 1840, makes up between seventy and eighty beds. Close at hand is a little museum, where the birds of the district may be seen, exceedingly well stuffed and arranged by Mr. Armstrong, a waiter at the hotel. The Crown has ten private sitting rooms, and makes up ninety beds. Nothing can well exceed the beauty of the view from its garden seats.
  Lindsey Aspland

There is an exhibition open in Bowness during the summer months, which, it will be useful, and particularly agreeable to the stranger to visit, before he penetrates further into the district. Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey Aspland exhibit their paintings of lake scenery every summer; and their pictures are of a high order of merit as works of art, as well as for their fidelity as portraits of scenery. Mr. Aspland's outline sketches are excel-
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