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Plate, folded in opposite p.7:-

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Print, engraving, outline view, Mountains on the West Side of Windermere, drawn by L Aspland, engraved by W Banks, Edinburgh, published by John Garnett, Windermere, Westmorland, and by Whittaker and Co, London, 1855.
L Aspland Delt. / W Banks Sc Edinburgh.
The view is captioned, numbers referring to mountains in the image:-
1 Coniston Old Man 1a Carrs 2 Wetherlam 3 Wrynose Gap 4 Crinkle Crags 5 Pike of Bliscow 6 Scawfell Pike 7 Bowfell 8 Hanging Knotts 9 Glaramara 10 Great End 11 Pike of Stickle 12 Harrison Stickle 13 Paveyark 14 Lingmoor 15 High Raise 16 Silver How 17 Loughrigg Fell 18 Ullscarth
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button -- "Bowfell" -- Bow Fell
button -- Crinkle Crags
button -- Glaramara
button -- "Carrs" -- Great Carrs
button -- Great End
button -- "Hanging Knotts" -- Hanging Knotts
button -- Harrison Stickle
button -- (High Raise, Borrrowdale)
button -- "Lingmoor" -- Lingmoor Fell
button -- "Carrs" -- Little Carrs
button -- Loughrigg Fell
button -- "Coniston Old Man" -- Old Man of Coniston, The
button -- "Paveyark" -- Pavey Ark
button -- "Pike of Bliscow" -- Pike of Blisco
button -- Pike of Stickle
button -- "Scawfell Pike" -- Scafell Pike
button -- "Silver How" -- Silver Howe
button -- "Ullscarth" -- Ullscarf
button -- Wetherlam
button -- "Wrynose Gap" -- Wrynose Pass
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