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vol.1 p.185
the southern shore) which is more remarkable, than on any of the other lakes. We have little of the easy sweep of a mountain-line: at least the eye is hurt with too many tops of mountains, which injure the ideas of simplicity, and grandeur. Great care therefore should be taken in selecting views of this lake. If there is a littleness even among the grand ideas of the original, what can we expect from representations on paper, or canvas? I have seen some views of this lake, injudiciously chosen, or taken on too extensive a scale, in which the mountains appear like hay-cocks.- I would be understood however to speak chiefly of the appearance, which the lines of these mountains occasionally make. When we change our point of view, the mountain-line changes also, and may be beautiful in one point, tho it is displeasing in another.
Having thus taken a view of the whole lake together from it's northern point, we proceeded on our rout to Borrodale, skirting the eastern coast along the edge of the water. The grandest side-screen, on the left, hung over us; and we found it as beautifully romantic,
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