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vol.1 p.183
Of all the lakes in these romantic regions, the lake we are now examining, seems to be most generally admired. It was once admirably characterized by an ingenious person, * who, on his first seeing it, cried out, Here is beauty indeed - Beauty lying in the lap of Horrour! We do not often find a happier illustration. Nothing conveys an idea of beauty more strongly, than the lake; nor of horrour, than the mountains; and the former lying in the lap of the latter, expresses in a strong manner the mode of their combination. The late Dr. Brown, who was a man of taste, and had seen every part of this country, singled out the scenery of this lake for it's peculiar beauty †. And unquestionably it is, in many places, both beautiful, and romantic; particularly along it's eastern, and southern shores: but to give it pre-eminence may be paying it perhaps as much too high a compliment; as it would be too
1.183.*   The late Mr. Avilon, organist of St. Nicholas at Newcastle upon Tyne.
1.183.†   In a letter to Lord Lyttelton, quoted above.
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