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vol.1 p.90
gives a deeper tinge; and unites the whole in one great effect.
It is an agreeable amusement to attend these vast shadows in their slow, and solemn march over the mountains - to observe, how the morning sun sheds only a faint catching light upon the summits of the hills, through one general mass of hazy shade - in a few hours how all this confusion is dissipated - how the lights and shades begin to break, and separate, and take their form and breadth - how deep and determined the shadows are at noon - how fugitive and uncertain, as the sun declines; till it's fires, glowing in the west, light up a new radiance through the landscape; and spread over it, instead of sober light and shade, all the colours of nature, in one bright, momentary gleam.
It is equally amusing to observe the various shapes, which mountains assume through all this variety of illumination; rocks, knolls, and promontories, taking new forms; appearing, and disappearing, as the sun veers round;
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