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vol.1 p.89
cases he was pleased with the effect of light and shade. In one the partial effect is marked: in the other, the general.
The cavities which he observed, and which are seen only from their being deep recesses of shade, together with the rocks, and little projections, which are visible only from catching a stronger ray of light, contribute to produce the partial effect - that richness, and variety on the sides of distant mountains, which would otherwise be a display of flat, fatiguing surface. The objects themselves are formless, and indistinct; yet, by presenting different surfaces for the light to rest on, the rich and variegated effect,here mentioned, is produced.
The grand masses are formed by one mountain's over-shadowing another - by the sun's turning round some promontory - or by the transverse position of mountains; in all which cases the shadow falls broad and deep - sweeps over all the smaller shades, to which it still
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