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Gentleman's Magazine 1806 p.103
[cooking-]room, the provisions are dressed in the open arch, under a flight of steps; which lead to 3 good roooms with chimneys, for debtors; the floors of the wards are flagged; and each prisoner is allowed straw and 2 blankets. Gaol delivery once a year; a pump in the court; the Act for preservation of health and clauses against spiritous liquors conspicuously hung up. The gaol clean. I copied the table of fees which are hung up, viz.
At the Midsummer General Quarter Session of the peace holden at Appleby, in and for the said county, on Friday the 24th day of July 1797: the following table of fees to be taken by the keeper of his majesty's gaol at Appleby aforesaid, were unanimously agreed to by the bench of justices then present, viz.
s. d.
For the discharge of a debtor13 4
For every person committed by a warant of a justice of the peace6 8
For a copy of committment when demanded1 0
For a certificate of committment in order to obtain a writ of habeous corpus2 6
For signing a certificate, in order to obtain a supersedeas or a rule or order of court2 9
For the discharge of a prisoner by proclamation at the Assizes or general quarter sessions13 4
There being no chapel, divine service is performed in the debtor's day-room.
Prisoners, Feb. 2 1801: Debtors, 2; felons, none. Sept. 24, 1802: Debtors 4; felons, none.
No employment furnished by the County; but handicarft trades, such as tailors, shoe-makers, &c. sometimes get employment from the town.
COUNTY BRIDEWELL, APPLEBY. Built, as appears by the date, 1639. Gaoler, John Atkinson, salary 12l.; no fees; 2 cells 23 feet by 8, with vaulted roofs; straw on the floor: No light or air but what is admitted by an aperture 12 inches by 4: subject to the floods. One large room upstairs, insecure. No water accessible to prisoners. Neither the act, nor clause against spiritous liquors hung up. Prison very dirty, but it appears little used. Prisoners, 24th September, 1802; 2 Inmates.
KENDAL, WESTMORELAND. Gaoler, Miles Hayton, salary 30l.; and one fourth of the prisoners earnings. Felons fees and garnish abolished; debtors fees, 2s. 4d. on being liberated. Allowance none. Any debtor arrested by process issuing out of the borough court, is allowed 6d. a day, after three court days; a court is held every three weeks. Allowance to felons 4d. a day. Chaplain, Rev. Mr. Briggs, salary 10l. Duty, Sunday afternoon. Surgeon from the dispensary when wanted. For the conveyance of transports 1s. per mile.
Remarks: This is the town gaol and bridewell, and judiciously situated on an eminence a little way out of town. Debtors have a spacious airy court 28 yards by 12, with pump water, and six sizeable rooms, with sash windows, and fire-places to four, airy and clean; they open into a lobby near 5 feet wide; for the use of these rooms the debtor pays nothing if he finds his own bed; but if the keeper furnishes one, he is paid 8d. a week for a chaff-bed, and 1s. a week for a feather-bed; two lie together. Men felons court, (which opens into the debtor's yard) is 10 yards by 7, with a day-room and a fire-place in it, and on the ground floor are 4 sleeping cells with vaulted roofs about 10 feet by 9 each, lighted and ventilated by an aperture in the door, 12 inches square; iron grated. Straw on a wood bedstead, a blanket and a rug. Upstairs is one room, 8 feet square. Women felons have a separate court in front of the building, 12 yards by 10, 4 sleeping-rooms about 8 feet square, and 2 work-rooms, in one of which a woman was weaving, and in the other a woman spinning; one room with a single loom in it, at which a man was weaving. The looms are humanely sent from the workhouse, for the use of the prisoners during confinement; and each prisoner is allowed three fourths of his earnings for their maintenance, and the other fourth to the keeper. there was one woman in solitary confinement, whose employment and support depended wholly on her friends. there is a very neat chapel, which has 2 separate doors for entrance, with a folding screen in the middle, so that the women can neither see or be seen by the men. Every part of this gaol is well supplied with water. the act for the preservation of health, and clauses against spiritous liquors, conspicuously hung up. The gaol very clean. Prisoners, 3rd November 1801, debtors, 2; felons, &c. 7; lunatics,
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