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Gentleman's Magazine 1803 p.17
Sproxton, Leic. Dec. 11.
IT would give me, and more of your readers, much satisfaction, I am sure, if any of your correspondents would favour us with more particulars of the late Rev. Mr. Walker, of Seathwaite, near Broughton, Lancashire, whose death appears in vol.LXXII. p.878.
The character given there of that most worthy and singular man is, that "he was more than 60 years curate of that chapel; and that, upon a small stipend, with great industry and oeconomy, he brought up a large family in a very decent manner, giving to one of his sons, since deceased, an academic education, and living contented in his retired situation, without a wish to change it. That he was beloved and respected, &c."
I lament much that justice is not likely to be done to such an extraordinary character, by giving the world an example of what industry, oeconomy, and good management, will do. I will, however, throw in my mite.
Near thirty years ago, I knew him a little, and soon after formed an intimacy with his son, who was of Trinity College, Dublin, and in the year 1776 was presented to the perpetual curacy of Rusland, near Ulverstone, worth about 30l. a year, which he soon vacated for the cure and free-school in Ulverstone, where he died many years ago. He was a young man of considerable abilities, benevolent and generous, but expensive.
Some anecdotes of the early part of the old gentleman's life I had from the late William Penny, of Penny-Bridge, esq. his patron. Mr. Penny informed
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