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Gentleman's Magazine 1795 p.986
[Cum]berland, put themselves and their kingdom under the protection of the English king, Athelstan. The true name of the family was D'Acre, from one of them who served at the siege of Acre (or Ptolemais) in the Holy Land; who, from his achievements there, having received the name of the place, imparted the same at his return to his habitation in Cumberland.
When this noble family deserted their ancient mansion, the castle, I am not informed. The estate was sold by Anne Lennard, Baroness Dacre, and others, in the year 1716, to Sir Christopher Musgrave, of Edenhall, bart. who conveyed it to the grandfather of the present proprietor Edward Hassell, of Dalemanin, Esq.
I should wish to know from any of your correspondents, Mr. Urban, whether anything like these pillars occurs in church-yards in other parts of the kingdom; and what is the most general opinion respecting them.
W. M.
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