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of Denton and Lanercost. The antiquarian will prefer travelling from Lanercost to Gilsland, along the heights of the northern bank, as he will have an opportunity of examining the Roman Wall, more especially at Birdoswald, the Amblogana of the Romans, where the mass of the wall is visible, though its facings are gone.

  Gilsland Spa
Is a place of great resort, and in point of salubrity and natural beauty, it is far superior to many spas of modern celebrity in the northern part of the island.
From the Railway Station at Rose Hill, a good carriage-road leads up in a gradual ascending sweep, passing a beautiful mansion called the Orchard House, until it reaches the Shaws Hotel, which stands upon an eminence skirted with fine wood. This hotel has recently been thoroughly repaired, enlarged, and remodelled, and now presents good accommodation to family parties and visitors, whether for health or pleasure. From a terrace-garden in front there is an extensive view, embracing a considerable portion of the line of the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway, reaching from Greenhead down towards Naworth Castle.
Behind the hotel is a field with walks and seats, exhibiting various windings of the Irthing, in its course from the wild fells in the waste. This field covers the mass of rock strata, at the foot of which,
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