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Page 114:-
  border reivers
moss-troopers. His books, at least some of them, remain to show what his studies were in those intervals, which his important and busy and watchful situation as Lord Warden of the Marches allowed for such peaceful, soul-soothing pursuits. The ceiling is of massy oak, in plain intersecting pannels. The dungeons below are arched and without light; the rings still remain to which men, whose fierce untamed nature could not otherwise be subdued, or taught that there was neither honour nor glory in such wild raids and burnings, were chained and treated as the wild beasts of the forests. And the tourist will happily think how blessed he is, that his line has been thrown upon quiet waters and in such peaceful times, and under a constitution that both wills and enables every man to sit under his own vine, and eat with thankfulness the labour of his own hands. There are other apartments which are kept for the Earl of Carlisle and his family, whenever they visit this part of their possessions. The Castle is situated on the tongue of a precipice, surrounded on all sides by deep glens, except the front, from which the park extends up a gradually-rising ground, so that to the spectator approaching from Brampton it appears very low.
Hence the tourist may pass to Gilsland Spa, which is further up the vale, between high banks and precipices, where the river Irthing, emerging from the desolate heath-clad moors in which it springs, turns westwards into the pleasant haughs
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