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chiefly in cotton, hats, and whips. The cotton trade gives employment to numbers of persons engaged in spinning and hand-loom weaving. The markets are well supplied with almost every thing that can gratify the palate of the gourmand, and rates so low as to render it, in these respects, a very desirable place of residence for persons of limited fortune, but accustomed to luxurious indulgences. The Grammar School, founded by Bishop Smith, affords an opportunity of obtaining an economical English and classical education. With regard to institutions for promoting the education of the poor, supplying their necessities, whether in food, or medicine, or medical attendance, the Infirmary, the Dispensary, and House of Recovery, the National School, the Lancastrian School, and others, fully attest that Carlisle is no whit behind the most favoured towns. It is also an excellent place whence conveyance may be obtained to all parts of the kingdom; mails daily leave the city for Portpatrick and Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and London by way of Leeds and Manchester; besides several other stage-coaches. The Newcastle and Carlisle Railway offers opportunities four times a-day of travelling between those places; and from the canal basin, a swift fly-boat conveys passengers to Bowness on the Solway, whence they can be comfortably and safely conveyed to Liverpool either by the Royal Victoria or Newcastle steam-packets, in a single tide.
East from Carlisle, and to Penrith
We shall now proceed from Carlisle in an east-
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