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Page 29:-
with the following plain inscription:- 'Ricardi Watson, Episcopi Landavensis, cineribus sacrum; Obiit Julli 1, A.D. 1816: Aetatis 79.' The rectory is on the banks of the lake, along whose shore the glebe land extends to some length.
On the opposite promontory, almost hid amidst the leafy shade of sycamores, stands

  Windermere Ferry
He who cannot delay to see Coniston, should cross to this spot. Hence are commanded three views, widely distinguished from each other, yet all noble: First, the prospect looking down the lake, by Berkshire Island and Storrs Hall to Rawlinson's Nab, is one of amenity and richness: Second, in a north-easterly direction over the great island, the eye rests upon Hill Bell; below, but beyond the two promontories stretching, one from the island, the other from the Rector's land, appears the water, a single island set like a gem in its crystal surface, and the green slopes of Rayrigg over it: Third, looking north from the place where the carriage boats are moored, Crow Holm rises out of the water on the right - Curwen's Island extends beyond it - opposite to which is Furness Fell - the island seen in the midst is one of the Lily of the Valley Islands - and the Pike of Wansfell, with Dove Nest below, is overtopped by Scandale Fell and the Rydal mountains.
  The Station, Claife
On a hill above the Ferry is the Station House;
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