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MRS RADCLIFFE'S Description of the Scenery IN

Mrs Radcliffe
  Ride over Skiddaw

A Ride over Skiddaw. (1794)
Having engaged a guide, and with horses accustomed to the labour, we began to ascend this tremendous mountain by a way which makes the summit five miles from Keswick. Passing through bowery lanes, luxurian (sic) with mountain ash, holly, and a variety of beautiful shrubs, to a broad, open common, a road led to the foot of Latrig, (or, as it is called by the country people, Skiddaw's Cub) a large round hill, covered with heath, turf, and browsing sheep. A narrow path now wound along steep green precipices, the beauty of which prevented the danger there was from being perceived. Derwent-water was concealed by others that rose above them; but that part of the vale of Keswick which separates the two lakes, and spreads a rich level of three miles, was immediately below; Crosthwaite church nearly in the centre, with the vicarage rising among trees. More under shelter of Skiddaw, where the vale spreads into a sweet retired nook, lay the house and grounds of Dr. Brownrigg - Beyond the level opened a glimpse of Bassenthwaite-water - a lake which may be called elegant - bounded on one side by well-wooded rocks, and on the other by Skiddaw.- Soon after, we rose above the steeps which had concealed Derwent-water, and it appeared, with all its enamelled banks, sunk deep amidst a chaos of mountains, and surrounded by ranges of fells not visible from below. On the other hand, the more chearful lake of Bassenthwaite, expanded at its entire length.- Having gazed a while on this magnificent scene, we pursued the path, and soon after reached the brink of a chasm
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