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Page 157:-
From the bridge in Patterdale [1], Goldrill-beck serpentizes sweetly through the meadows, and falls easily into the lake about the middle of the vale. Glencairn-beck, descending from Helvellyn, joins the lake at the bridge which unites the counties of Westmorland and Cumberland.
  station, Patterdale Hotel
There is from the top of the rock, above the inn, a very charming view of the last bend of the lake, which constitutes one of the finest landscapes on it, and takes in just enough for a delightful picture. The nearest fore-ground is a fall of inclosures. A rocky wooded mountain that hangs over Patterdale-house (called Martindale-fell) is in a proper point of distance to the right. Steep rocks, and shaggy woods hanging from their sides, are on the left. Gowbarrow-park rises in a fine style from the water edge for the back-ground, and a noble reach of water, beautifully spotted with rocky isles, charmingly disposed, with perpetual change of rocky shore, fill the middle space of this beautiful picture.
The lake is of a depth sufficient for breeding char, and abounds with a variety of
[1] After crossing the bridge in Patterdale, and ascending the side of Martindale-fell, to a certain height, in the view across the head of the lake, the mountains assume more pointed and Alpine forms than any we have seen in this country. No.12 of Mr. Farrington;s views represents this subject.
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