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Page 80:-
the south, at the entrance of the vale, over a noble fore-ground), and commands a charming view of Windermere-water [1]. The river Rothay winds through the vale, amidst lofty rocks and hanging woods, to join the lake. The road serpentizes upwards, round a bulging rock, fringed with trees, and brings you soon in sight of

Rydal Water

A lake about a mile in length, spotted with little isles, and which communicates, by a narrow channel, with

The river Rothay is their common outlet.
  station, Grasmere Hill
Mount Grasmere hill, and from the top, have a view of as sweet a scene as travelled eye ever beheld [2]. Mr. Gray's description of this peaceful, happy vale, will raise a wish in every reader to see so primaeval a place.
'The bosom of the mountains, spreading
[1] The style of this landscape will be seen in No.15, of Mr. Farrington's views.
[2] A little to the left of the road, is No.5, of Mr. Farrington's views.
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