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Page 192:-
old Roman Virosidum, where the sixth Cohort of the Nervii formerly kept Garrison along the Wall against the Picts and Scots. In the last Age, the Richmonds and Salkelds bearing the Expence equally, built a very strong Stone Bridge over the Eden for the Convenience of Travellers. Following the Course of the River, we next come to
  Linstock Castle
Linstock, a Castle of the Bishop of Carlisle. The Barony was first given by King Henry I. to one Walter, his Chaplain, to hold of him and his Successors, the Kings of England; but Walter voluntarily taking upon him a religious Life, with the King's Licence in the Priory of St. Mary's at Carlisle, the King gave Linstock to the Canons in pure Alms. The Bishop's See was after erected at Carlisle by the same King in 1133; but the Lands were enjoy'd by the Bishop and Convents, who had the Power of Election in common, 'till Pandolf, the Pope's Legate, made a Division, and so the Barony of Linstock became the Possessions of the See of Carlisle, as it continues to this Day.
  Greystoke Castle
  Rose Castle

The Eden now drawing near the AEstuary receives two little Rivers almost at the same Place, viz. the Peterell and the Caude, which coming from the S. keep all along at almost equal Distance, upon the former of which is Greystock Castle belonging to his Grace the Duke of Norfolk; and upon the Caude, Roso Castle, a beautiful Seat of the Bishop of Carlisle: For this County having been a Frontier, the ancient Houses of the Nobility and Gentry there are, for the most Part, built Castlewise.
  Battle of Solway Moss
Beyond the Esk, the County for some Miles is reckon'd English Ground, and in that Compass, is Sollom-Mosse, a Place remarkable for the Success of the English, in taking many Scotch Noblemen Prisoners in 1542; the Occasion was this: The Scots being ready to join Battle, contrary to their Expectation, found that Sir Oliver Sinclair was appointed their General, a Person who not only lay under a general Odium, but being of an inferior Rank, the Noblemen took it as an Affront to them to be commanded by him; and to revenge the Injury, as they call'd it, fell into Mutinies and Disorder.
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