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Page 186:-
which they say were brought from Elemborough, and old Carlisle. The Market here is on Thursdays.
Kirkswald, lying Westward of Wigtown, and the City of Carlisle, and on the Western Banks of the River Eden, is a small Market Town, which had its Name from the Church, dedicated to St. Oswald. There is nothing here of any Note. It is 210 Miles computed, and 252 measured from London. The Market is held on Thursdays. Somewhat to the N.W. of this, is
Astonmore, a small Market Town, on the Banks of the River Eln, of which there is nothing to be said, but that the Market is here kept on Saturdays.
Brampton, the next Place we are to speak of, is a little Market Town, to the N.E. of Carlisle, and not far from a Bridge over the Eden. This Place, by the Learned, is thought to be the ancient Bremeturacum along the Wall, for it is scarce a Mile distant from it, where of old the first Cohort of the Tungri from Germany, and in the Decay of the Roman Empire, the Cuneus Armaturatum, under the Governor of Britain, was quarter'd: These Armaturae were Horsemen armed Cap-a-pee; but whether they were Duplares or Simplares, is not told us; the Duplares, in the Sense of that Age, were those that had a double Allowance of Corn, and the Simplares such as had a single. The Market here is on Tuesdays: It is 225 Miles computed, and 287 measured from London.
The Lands of the Town are, for the most Part, Demensne, and the Lord, who is at present the Right Hon. the Earl of Carlisle, keeps here Yearly a Court-Leet, and View of Frank-Pledge for the whole Barony of Gillisland, tho' anciently their chief Seat was at Irthington.
In this Town, is an Hospital for six poor Men, and as many poor Women, with an Allowance for a Chaplain, founded by the Right Honourable Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Carlisle, Grandmother to the present Earl. By it there is a high Hill, called the Mote, ditched round at the Top, from which there is a clear Prospect over all the Country. Below this, and at Castle Steeds, which signifies the Place of a Castle, as also at Trederman, hard by, have been found several Roman Inscriptions. In the most Northern Part of this County lies
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