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Law, and much improved and augmented by Dr. Smith, late Bishop of Carlisle, and other Benefactors: But the greatest Benefactress to this Town was the Lady Anne, Daughter and Heiress of George Lord Clifford, who in 1651 founded, and afterwards endowed an Hospital here, for a Governess, and twelve other Widows, commonly called, the Mother and twelve Sisters, settled Lands on the Top to the Value of 8 l. a Year to keep up the Repairs of the Church, School-house, Town-hall, and Bridge; rebuilt a good Part of the Church in which she lies interr'd, and wholly rebuilt the Church at Bongate, which is a Part of this Town.
The Town is governed by a Mayor, Recorder, twelve Aldermen, a Common-council, and Serjeants at Mace. It stands on the Roman military Way, which crosses this County from Rear-Cross on Stainmore in the East, to the River Eden, a little below Penrith in the West.
Other Towns of chief Note in this County are,
Kendal, called also Kirkby Candale, i.e. a Church in the Valley upon the River Can, over which it has two Bridges of Stone, and one of Wood, and a Harbour for Boats. Dr. Gale thinks it to be the Brovonaca of Antoninus, and allows that it was the Station of the Romans, called Concangi; but both these Points are disputed. 'Tis much superior to Appleby in Trade, Buildings, and the Number and Wealth of the Inhabitants, and is indeed the largest Town in the County. It has two good Streets, which cross each other, and is inriched by the Industry of the Townsmen, and the Woollen Manufacture, with which they have drove a Trade throughout England ever since the Reign of Edward III. As early as Richard II. and Henry IV. special Laws were enacted on purpose for regulating Kendal Cloths. Queen Elizabeth erected it into a Corporation by the Name of Aldermen and Burgesses; and King James I. incorporated it with a Mayor, Recorder, Town-Clerk, twelve Aldermen, twenty four Burgesses, and two Attorneys, of whom the Mayor, Recorder, and two Senior Aldermen, are always Justices of the Peace. It is of Note also for the Manufacture of Cottons, Druggets, Serges, Hats, Worsted, and Yarn Stockings, &c. Its Markets are on Saturday, and the Monday before Lady day, and its Fairs are on
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