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Page 175:-

vexed at being disturbed, answered peevishly, "Hang him!" When he had finished his study, he ordered the man to be brought before him for examination, but found that his orders had been literally obeyed. He was a very severe, but a most useful man at that time in this lawless country. His dungeon instils horror; it consists of four dark apartments, three below, and one above up a long staircase, all well secured; in the uppermost is one ring, to which criminals were chained, and the marks where many more have been.
Close by the library is an ancient oratory, most richly ornamented, on the sides of the cieling (sic), with coats of arms, and carvings in wood painted and gilt. On one side is a good painting on wood, in the style of Lucas Van Leyden; it represents the flagellation of our Saviour, his crucifixion, and resurrection. Here are also various sculptures in white marble: an Abbess with a sword in her hand, waiting on a King who is stabbing himself; a Monk with a King's head in his hand; and several others. This place is well secured; for, here, Lord William enjoyed his religion, which he did not dare avow, in privacy*.
The chapel is below stairs; the top, and part of the side,
* Notwithstanding his zeal for Elizabeth and for James, he retained the religion of his ancestors.

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