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Page 176:-

are painted in pannels, like the hall; and on one side are the crests, arms and pedigree of the Howards, from Fulcho to 1623 and 1644. On the cieling, beneath the great sprawling figure of an old man, with a branch issuing from him representing the Root of Jesse, is written, "Pictor, MDXII." On the great window, in glass, are represented a Knight and a Lady kneeling - Thomas lord Dacre, who died in 1525, and his Lady Elizabeth, the rich heiress of the barony of Greystoke: on his tabard, the arms of Dacre quartering Vaux; on her mantle the same, and on her kirtle Greystoke-ancient quartering Grimethorpe or Greystoke-modern.
The time in which this castle was founded, is very uncertain. It is supposed to have been by a Dacre*. The first mention of it is in 1398, when it was held by a William de Dacre. In January 1569-70, it was, as I have already mentioned, for a short time seized and possessed, together with other estates of the family, by Leonard Dacre of Horsely in Yorkshire, second son of Lord William Dacre. WHEN FOUNDED.
The several ancient inscriptions on stones taken from the neighbouring wall, have long since been removed to Rokeby in Yorkshire, the seat of the late Sir Thomas Ro-
* Madox's Baronia, quoted by Mr. Grose.

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