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Page 174:-

[chim]ney here is five yards and a half broad. Within this is another apartment, hung with old tapestry: a head of Anne of Cleeves; on one side of her, a small picture of a Lady full length, &c. and many others.
Willliam Howard Lord William Howard's's bed-room - arms and motto over the chimney. His library is a small room, in a very secret place high up in one of the towers, well secured by doors and narrow staircase. Not a book has been added since his days, i.e. those of Queen Elizabeth. In it is a vast case, three feet high, which opens into three leaves, having six great pages pasted in, being an account of Saint Joseph of Arimathea, and his twelve disciples, who founded Glastonbury; and, at the end, a long history of Saints, with the number of years or days for which each could grant indulgences.
The roof is coarsely carved. The windows are high, and are to be ascended by three stone steps, lest the inhabitant should be reached by some arrow or shot from without; such was the caution of those times. It is said, Lord William was very studious, and wrote much: that once, when he was thus employed, a servant came to tell him that a prisoner was just then brought in, and desired to know what should be done with him. Lord William

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