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Page 173:-

barons of Gillesland, stands about two miles east of Brampton. It is a large pile, square, and built about a court, with a square tower at each corner. In the south side is a gateway with the arms of the Dacres; over the door those of the Howards. On the north, it impends over the river Irthing, at a great height; the banks shagged with wood. The whole house is a true specimen of ancient inconvenience, of magnificence and littleness: the rooms numerous, accessible by sixteen stair-cases, with most frequent sudden ascents and descents into the bargain; besides a long narrow gallery. The great hall is twenty-five paces long, by nine and a half broad, of good height; has a gallery at one end, adorned with four vast crests, carved in wood, viz. a griffin and dolphin with the scallops, an unicorn, and an ox with a coronet round his neck. In front is a figure, in wood, of an armed man; two others, perhaps vassals, in short jackets and caps, a pouch pendant behind, and the mutilated remains of Priapus to each; one has wooden shoes. These seem the ludibrium aulae in those gross days. NAWORTH-CASTLE.
The top and upper end of the hall is painted on panels, in squares, to the number of one hundred and seven, representing the Saxon kings and heroes; these are said to have been brought from Kirk-Oswald Castle. The chim-

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