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The Mote   Brampton The Moat, or the Castle-hill, is a vast circular mount near the town: not far from the top is a trench and rampart; and on the last, in one part, is a ridge of raised earth, about fourteen feet long and four broad. As it lies so near to the wall, it was possibly exploratory, and the work of the Romans. CASTLE-HILL
Gilsland This town was the capital of the great barony of Gillesland, a tract before the Conquest possessed by one Bueth, and which took its name from Gilles Bueth, i.e. the son of Bueth. Randle de Meschines earl of Chester, after his subjection of this county, bestowed it on Hubert Vaulx, or de Vallibus, a Norman adventurer of those days. By the marriage of Maud, daughter of another Hubert, one of his descendants, cotemporary with Henry III. it fell to her spouse Thomas de Multon. Margaret, daughter to another Thomas de Multon, who died in 1313, married, and conveyed the barony to Ranulph de Dacre, of Dacre-castle, in this county. On the death of the last male heir, George lord Dacre, this part of the estate fell to Lord William Howard, by marriage with Elizabeth, youngest sister of that Nobleman, who was killed in his childhood by a fall, as before related. GILLESLAND.
Naworth Castle Naworth or Naward-castle, the usual residence of the

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