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Page 171:-

Written Rock of Gelt bridge, a single arch over the torrent Gelt, which tumbled down, in a very picturesque manner, a deep wooded fell. About half a mile above, on the front of an ancient quarry, is an inscription, supposed to have been cut in the reign of Severus; importing, that the Romans got some of the stone with which they made the neighbouring part of the famous wall from hence, and the Vexillatio was sent to assist in the work.
I heard that there were other inscriptions on the neighbouring quarries, but I did not think them interesting enough to be visited.
Brampton After riding a mile and a half further, I reached Brampton. The town is small, and contains nothing remarkable. The alms-house, founded by Edward Howard second earl of Carlisle, for six poor men and six poor women, has been suffered to fail by one of his successors. Each of the objects of the charity had, while it existed, a pension of six pounds, a gown and fuel, and an apartment. Twelve pounds a year was also allotted to a clergyman to read prayers in the chapel, which alone is kept up, the church of Brampton being a mile out of town, and too ruinous and too remote for service. BRAMPTON.

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