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Page 158:-

[Scot]land, I have said as much as I could collect respecting those curious remains.
Eamont Bridge I crossed Eimont-bridge. In the reign of Henry VI. there was a general contribution towards the building, or, perhaps, rebuilding of this bridge. The piety of the country was made an instrument of so good a work; an indulgence of forty days was bestowed upon every well-disposed person who flung his mite to forward the design. I then entered the County of EIMONT-BRIDGE
Cumberland CUMBERLAND.
Carleton Hall On the right, finely seated on an eminence above the river, is Carleton-hall, the property of the Carletons, who flourished here almost from the time of the Conqueror till the beginning of the present century, when Robert Carleton, esq. sold the estate. The family is not extinct; Sir Guy Carleton, the present Lord Dorchester, being of it.
Penrith I soon reached Penrith, and can add very little to the account of this place in my Scotch Tour. I received, in this visit, every civility and information from Mr. Harrison surgeon, who introduced me to Miss Calwin, to whose in- PENRITH.

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