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Page 159:-

[in]genuity I have before paid the tribute due. She was so obliging as to present me with a beautiful drawing of a singular or perhaps new species of Water Ouzel, shot somewhere in this neighbourhood. It was rather superior in size to the common: the head, wings, upper part of the body, and tail, were dusky; the chin and throat white - at the bottom of the last was a bar of dusky; the breast, belly and thighs white, marked with short black strokes pointing downwards, most numerous towards the lower belly and thighs; the vent of a rusty yellow, crossed with bars of black; legs rusty yellow. NEW OUZEL.
To what I may have omitted in my account of this town, let me add, that there had been here a house of Grey Friars, founded in the time of Edward II. or before, and after the dissolution granted to Thomas Tyrwhit, esq.* Agnes Denton, a good widow, in the reign of Edward III. left towards the support of these poor monks, her mite of ten shillings.
William III. bestowed the honour of Penrith with all its dependencies, with the appurtenances within the forest of Englewood, on his great favourite William Bentinck duke of Portland. His Majesty at the same time made a grant of
* Tanner, 77.
Burn, 11, 410.

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