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great owner Anne Clifford. Here she yielded her last breath, and the ruin of this and several of her other castles quickly followed.
Brougham The manor was independent of the castle, and had its own lords. It was held by Odard de Burgham in the 22d of Henry II.; a Gilbert de Burgham held it about the beginning of the reign of Henry III.; from which time to I believe the present it continued, with slight interruption, either whole or divided, in the same name, or, as it was latterly written, that of Brougham; which family is now in entire possession of the manor. MANOR.
Clifton Soon after I left the castle, I crossed the river Lowther near Brougham-hall, the seat of the family above mentioned. A little to the south is Clifton, out of which twenty-two quarters of oats were, in old times, annually paid to the Castle of Brougham. Similar revenues were drawn from other places, which made up for the want of territory round this strong hold. CLIFTON.
Arthur's Round Table
In the short space between the Lowther and the Eimot lie the antiquities called Arthur's Round Table and Maybrough-castle. In the last edition of my first Tour in Scot-

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