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Page 84:-
The monks were of the Cistercian order, from Normandy. The church has been upwards of 300 feet in length, and 38 in breadth; the length of the transept near 140 feet; the height of the side walls about 54 feet; and with various apartments and offices, the ruins extend from north to south 500 feet; besides the Abbot's quarters, which stood at a distance, on the site now occupied by the Manor House. The central tower is levelled with the side walls, and only one of its stupendous arches left standing; yet enough remains to shew the style of architecture, and to give some idea of its former magnificence. A few years ago, the proprietor, Lord G. Cavendish, caused the rubbish to be cleared away; by which many pieces of sculpture were brought to light that had lain buried for centuries.
  Calder Abbey
Calder Abbey lies about four miles south of Egremont. It was founded by the second Ranulph de Meschines, about seven years after that at Furness - on which it was dependent - and on a much smaller scale. Some of the walls, with the arches which supported the tower, and a part of the colonade, are still in good preservation.
  Shap Abbey
On the banks of the river Lowther, about a mile west of Shap, may be seen some remains of an Abbey of still smaller dimensions; which was founded about the year 1150.
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