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  mountains, heights and bearings
Page 78:-
in miles
in feet
Skiddaw10° NE143022
Ingleborough, Yorkshire58 SE382361
Black Combe, Cumberland19 SW151919
Snowdon, Caernarvonshire20 SW1033571
Holyhead Mountain, Anglesea37 SW100709
North Barule, Isle of Man78 SW491804
Sleiph Donard, Ireland79 SW1122820
Mull of Galloway, Scotland77 NW68
Burrow Head do.68 NW51
Crif Fell do.26 NW381831
Wisp Hill, near Mospaul Inn9° NE451940
Carlisle26 NE19
Cheviot Hill, Northumberland35 NE702658
Cross Fell, Cumberland82 NE272901
Saddleback78 SE42787
Nine Standards, Westmorland68 SE382136
Ingleborough42 SE462361
Helvellyn32 SE103070
Black Combe15 SW291919
Snowdon19 SW1183571
Snea Fell, Isle of Man64 SW592004
Sleiph Donard, Down73 SW1202820
Bryal Point, nearest in Ireland82 SW91
Mull of Galloway89 NW69
Burrow Head84 NW50
Crif Fell43 NW281831
Ben Lomond, Stirling30 NW1203420
Ben Nevis, Inverness28 NW1704358
Queensberry Hill22 NW482259
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