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Page 146:-
traveller is under the shadow of Bowfell now, and in the very centre of the mountains. Four miles from the top of the Stake will bring him down to Langdale Head; and two miles more, to the farmhouse of Milbeck.
  Millbeck Farm
From that farmhouse, where travellers can make a good meal of farmhouse fare, there is one thing to be done without doubt;- to visit Dungeon Ghyll. As for the rest, this house is the point of departure in various directions, among three of which the traveller must make his choice.
  Dungeon Ghyll Force
Strangers who arrive untired generally go to the Ghyll while their ham and eggs are preparing. The green path on the hill side will be pointed out from the farm: and the traveller must take care not to make for the waterfall he sees in front. The path he wants tends to the left, till it reaches a fence and gate, when it turns sharp to the right; after which there is no possibility of losing the way. It presently joins the stream from the force, which leads up into a deep and dark fissure,- "Dungeon" and "Ghyll" both meaning a fissure. There is a well secured ladder, by which ladies easily descend to the mouth of the chasm; and when they have caught sight of the fall, they can please themselves about scrambling any further. There is the fall in its cleft, tumbling and splashing, while the light ash, and all the vegetation besides is everlastingly in motion from the stir of the air. Above, a bridge is made, high aloft, by the lodgment of a block in the chasm. The finest season for visiting this force is in a summer afternoon. Then the sun streams in obliquely,
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