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Gentleman's Magazine 1850 part 2 p.283
  cross slab
  Newton Reigny

In a review of the 'Christian Monuments of England and Wales' by Mr Boutell, speaking of cross slabs:-

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No accompaniment to the cross is more common than a sword, as might be presumed from the military character of feudal times. Mr. Boutell has placed side by side the very similar stones at Brougham, in Westmorland, and at Newton Rigney, in Cumberland, the former ascribed to Udard de Broham, who, having taken the cross in the second crusade, died about the year 1185; and the latter bearing the arms of Vaux of Catterlen, whose name has been associated in the title of peerage conferred on the ex-chancellor. The circular figure on the Brougham stone is supposed to represent a target-shield. ...
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