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Page 148:-
pedestrian may follow up its stream, along bold water-breaks and falls, to a silent tarn in the recesses of Helvellyn,

'-- From the summit of whose craggy mound
The perching eagle oft is heard to cry,
Or on resounding wings to shoot athwart the sky.'
  Patterdale Hall
  King of Patterdale

On the right is Patterdale Hall, the former residence of the kings of Patterdale, but now belonging to W. Marshall, Esq., M.P. for Carlisle. The stream that rushes down across the road, flows out of Graysdale Tarn, through a moist green dale, with one single house embosomed in sycamores.
Patterdale chapel stands on one side of the road, with scarcely a single tombstone in its burial-ground, its noble tree, the solemn yew, adding dignity even to the hallowed ground.

'These dalesmen trust
The lingering gleam of their departed lives
To oral records and the silent heart -
Depository faithful, and more kind
Than fondest epitaphs; for, if that fail,
What boots the sculptur'd tomb?'
A little further is the excellent inn, where every accommodation may be had for viewing this sublime nucleus of dales, and where a day or two should be spent for such a purpose. The water should be navigated, the recesses of the dales explored, and Helvellyn ascended. No one, not even the transitory visitor, should omit to walk to Blowick, which may be done while dinner is preparing. It has still
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