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Page 119:-
is splendid; immense masses of rock beetle over the glen, whose sides are feathered with ash, and beech, and hazel, whilst the river winds its mazy way between, now in whirling eddies over deep pools, now in foaming water-breaks over moss-ground rocks. The Railway between Carlisle and Newcastle crosses the water and ravine by a grand bridge of three arches, about eighty feet in height, springing from rustic piers, which harmonise with the scenery in the most effective manner.
Through the very neat village of Hayton, it is about four miles further, along a good country road, to the village of Great Corby, near which is

  Corby Castle
The seat of P. H. Howard, Esq. M.P. The building has been so much altered by the addition of two new fronts in Grecian style, as no longer to wear the appearance of a Castle. It stands upon the brink of a lofty precipice, overhanging the Eden, which is seen from the lawn in front flowing down with a divided stream, between two high banks profusely clothed with umbrageous woods, the village church and priory gateway of Wetheral crowning the western receding sides. The walks through the park carry the visitor for a mile along the edge of impending rocks, adorned with several noble specimens of oak, then turning down to the water's edge, bring him in a circuit back to the house. from a wooden seat about half-way in the
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