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Page 118:-
Blenkinsopp Castle may be looked at in a tour to Featherstone Castle, reposing amidst rich haughs ennobled with trees on the South Tyne. Naworth Castle and Lanercost Priory may also be examined; they lie down the river Irthing, along the banks of which is a very pleasant bridle road. And the tourist, who has time and curiosity enough, will reap no little satisfaction from a ride over the northern moors, passing Triermain Castle to Bewcastle, where are the ruins of an ancient castle, within a Roman encampment, and a very remarkable Runic pillar.
  Capon Tree

From Lanercost or Naworth it is two miles to Brampton, an irregular-built market-town. Hence to Low Gelt Bridge is two miles, past the Capon Tree, which has once been a magnificent oak, now venerable in its decay, and protected by a belt of beech-trees. The High Sheriff usually met the Judges of Assize here, where they partook of a luncheon under its then spreading branches. It deserves a place in any collection of remarkable forest-trees. To Carlisle the cavalcade proceeded at full gallop, owing to the insecurity of the roads, from their contiguity to the Borders. Up the river Gelt are the Written Rocks: the precipitous face of a stratum of red freestone has had a Roman inscription, showing that these quarries have been wrought by this people, and which is preserved by Horsley, for the antiquarian will in vain search for it. The walk up this glen, by the side of the river, through the quarries to Middle Gelt Bridge,
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