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Page 31:-
[emi]nences near the road, he will find every field to add a fresh charm, and amply repay his additional toil.

  Low Wood Inn
Is delightfully situated on a small bay, over which are beheld Brathay Park and the Pikes of Great Langdale, Loughrigg Fell, and Fairfield; while southward, the lake steals quietly away between sloping shores adorned with woodlands and farm-steads, till the view is stopped by Curwen's Island. By those who love retirement, this inn will be chosen as a place of temporary abode, more especially since the excursions generally made from Ambleside can be equally as well accomplished from hence. Beautiful views towards each extremity of the Mere may be enjoyed from the fields above the inn and the lane leading to Troutbeck, a mountain valley, distinguished by the Fells at its head - the picturesque remains of cottage architecture - and the fine foregrounds formed by the river at every step. This stream rises in High Street, flows over a very stony channel down to the park, whence it glides one while quietly, at another, chafing with foam, till it is lost in the silent depths of Windermere. The village is half a mile long, wildly scattered on the side of a steep hill, at the foot of which are the chapel and school. The views of Windermere are enchanting, and Calgarth on its shores appears to the greatest advantage.
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