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Page 699:-
Beginning on p.698 as:-
  Newcastle upon Tyne to Carlisle
NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE to Carlisle, by Hexham. (The usual Carriage Road.)

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continued ... through Haltwhistle, Glenwhelt, Northumberland; then Brampton, Stanwix, to Carlisle, Cumberland.
and inns, and seats.
  Newcastle upon Tyne to Carlisle
NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE to Carlisle (The Military Road.)
the different route to Glenwhelt; then Carlisle as p.699.
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button -- "Coffee House" -- Coffee House
button -- "High Crosby" -- Crosby on Eden
button -- "Drawdikes" -- Drawdykes Castle
button -- "Eden, River" -- Eden, River
button -- "Glenwhelt" -- Glen Whelt
button -- "Haltwhistle" -- Haltwhistle
button -- "Howard's Arms" -- Howard Arms
button -- "Naworth Castle" -- Naworth Castle (?)
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