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Page 127 (numbered 126):-
In the 29th year of the reign of Henry the VIII. Lancelot Lowther of Sewborwens * was married to Jane, daughter of Hugh Fleming of Rydale. The marriage articles were, that each of the parties should pay for their own wedding cloathes; that the meat, drink, and licence should be at the expence of the said Hugh; and that he, the said Hugh, should give to the new-married couple bedding and inseyghe †, as shall stand with his Worship to give; and that the portion should be 66l. 13s. 4d.‡, to be paid at the parish church of Lowther. These articles bear date 30th May, the 29th of Henry VIII.
This family suffered much by Oliver Cromwell's party, every thing valuable being taken from Rydale-Hall, and the building almost torn to pieces in searching for hidden treasure; the estate also confiscated, as they were Roman Catholics till the reign of James the II. At that time Sir Daniel Fleming became a Protestant, and was elected member of parliament for Cockermouth; where, as he himself says, was a strong contest, yet his expences only amounted to twenty pounds. Elections are surely very different now, for I question but a contest there in the year 1769 cost each of the contending parties at least L.50,000.
  road building by scholars
There was a charter obtained of Edward the I. for a park here, but there are now no deer in it, they having been destroyed during the time the estate was confiscated, and since not stocked. From hence a causeway was begun to be made towards Ambleside by a Mr Bell, who was curate and schoolmaster in Ambleside: He brought his scholars every Thursday and Saturday afternoons to gather stones, and he himself paved it; but this was dug up when the turnpike road was made. We will now leave Rydale, and proceed on a delightful road through copses of wood and smooth verdant meadows to Ambleside, where we shall find an ample field, both for the painter and antiquarian.
* Sewborwens, the manor house of Newton Regni, an estate now of the Lowthers.
Inseyghe or insight, household furniture.
‡ 100 merks is 66l. 13s. 4d.


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