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  An acre of grazing
Westmorland Gazette, 27 September 1823:-
GENTLEMEN, - I requested you, through the medium of the Kendal Chronicle, to inform me what length of tether, fixed in the hedge of a circular field containing four acres, would be sufficient to enable a horse to eat one acre
"Ruricola," who surely is neither Mr. Greenwood nor Mr. Hodgson, has sent me a cock and bull story about tethering at a point P in the diameter. This wretched Scribbler should have known that by Act of Parliament, I have no right to go into my neighbours field, and tether where I please.
I feel very anxious to receive from you a professional answer, divested of algebraic and fluxional terms. - The thing appears plain and easy, and to men of your abilities and practice it will be answered without any difficulty, and will you please put your own names to the Solution.
"Ruricola" should have remembered that Euclid did not tether horses in a hedge.
I remain, - Yours's, &c.
J. N. C.
Sept. [24], 1823.


from - JNC
to - T Hodgson and C Greenwood
AN ACRE OF GRAZING still wants an answer

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