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  letter from C Greenwood
Kendal Chronicle, 2 August 1823:-
You gave insertion to a letter in your paper of last week, representing me to have made statements, which if to be believed, are calculated to injure me in my professional pursuits, I must therefore inform you, that excepting I am informed of the name and residence of the author, you must be answerable for the consequences. The letter I allude to is signed "A Subscriber to Hodgson's Map of Westmorland," and couched in language that at once removes every doubt as to the disposition and character of the writer; and the insinuation I complain of is thus libelously expressed - "An other rude interrogatory as Mr. Greenwood calls them, and I have done for this time. Did that Gentleman ever give it as his opinion that a Stepping Surveyor would only be mistaken about one acre and a half in one hundred and seventy acres?" and then he goes on to inform the public that the proportion of one acre and a half to one hundred and seventy is somehat more than 10,000 acres in the admeasurement of the whole of Westmorland. What other inference therefore can be drawn from such a statement, than that we must be in error in this county 10,000 acres, or upwards of fifteen square miles, and proportionately in other counties!!! I solemnly declare this imputation to be as false as the inference to be drawn from it is libelous; and if through the medium of the press, the authors of such daring and imprudent slanders are to be screened, the publisher must take upon himself the consequences.
I am, Sir,
Your obedient servant,
Ambleside, July 28th, 1823.


from - C Greenwood
to - the Editor, about A Subscriber
SURVEYING METHODS implied errors, libelous imputations
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