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Westmorland Gazette, 16 August 1823:-
  letter from T Hodgson
IT is really pitiable to observe the dilemma to which Mr. Greenwood is reduced in this controversy; the more so, that his own letters have been no less conducive to this effect, than any which have been written upon the subject. Those who have read his flimsy productions, are no less sensible of this than I am; - and (though they are not worthy of it) I cannot forbear noticing the glaring and even nonsensical reasonings of his last letter. It is replete with nothing but quibbling of the lowest and most stultified order. In the absence of any thing like argument, he endeavours to divert the public attention from the main subject by, by these pitiful and (to himself) most fatal expedients. By this time I conceive he will have obtained the reputation of a man whose wisdom is not quite to be compared with that of Solomon. In endeavouring to contradict the statement of my knowledge of their proceedings nine years ago, he says,
"This does NOT shew that we had then determined upon the whole Series; - and yet is does shew we were then commencing the undertaking in which we are engaged." What sort of stuff is this? - That they had commenced before they had determined upon it.
"If," continues he, "a man determines upon a walk with the intention of proceeding only a mile, and is induced to advance nine further, would not his commencement be the beginning of the whole 10 miles?"
The working of intellect with him must have been severe indeed when he made this illustrative example.
It is not necessary to remark upon this kind of sapiency; - it speaks loudly for itself, and the people of Westmorland, having a commiserating feeling, know how to look upon the man who can thus express himself. What does it amount to? - That they had then commenced one of the 12 Maps, of which he now says, that they are not so accurate as their forthcoming Work will be!!! In my estimation, whatever Mr. Greenwood's map be, ACCURACY is the vital requisite in a Map of any kind, and without it what can be its value?
He says, that his "assertions are facts," but such facts, however, redound but little to his advantage, and the Gentlemen of Westmorland are fully sensible to their true value.
He has said much of his being instructed for a few months by a gentleman who was "under the patronage of Mr. Rennie," and asks how I, in the absence of similar advantages, can pretend to equality with them? From his frequent allusion to this circumstance, it would seem that he much needed such assistance, but if he insist upon this as the criterion of his superiority, I will take the liberty of informing him, that I was for many years, instead of a few months, under the instruction of persons who in the profession, were immediately "under the patronage of Mr. Rennie," as well as other celebrated Engineers.
He states that, "pulling the chain about the County is no proof of the accuracy of my survey." It would have been well for him, had he not avowed, however his practice may be, such a mean notion of that indispensable instrument. What does he substitute for it, wherein it is necessary to be used? Does he mean to say that he dispenses with it altogether in his mode of Survey.
He says that the scale of my Map is only one-fourth larger than theirs!! but if he will add one-third more to the scale of his Map, that will make the scale of mine: therefore, I repeat, that it is one-third larger. Will C. Greenwood be able to understand this? if not, the youngest schoolboy mathematician in the country will put him to right upon the subject.
He states of making a Proposal to me, for a "transfer of my Subscribers" but I will make free to tell him that the Gentlemen of Westmorland are not to be so treated. He forms a very erroneous notion of the inhabitants of this County: I assure him that under no circumstances, would I barter the patronage of the Gentlemen of Westmorland for any pecuniary emolument.
Further observations from me at this time is unnecessary; and I should hope that C. Greenwood would see the necessity of retiring, and to render himself no longer the butt of ridicule.
I am very respectfully,
Appleby, 8 Month 14th, 1823.
Also in the Kendal Chronicle 16 August 1823.
The Kendal Chronicle version has 'stupified' for 'stultified' in the first paragraph, which is corrected in the issue of 23 August 1823:-
Errata - in Mr. Hodgson's letter in our last, for "stupified," read stultified.


from - T Hodgson
to - the Editor, replying to C Greenwood
PRIOR KNOWLEDGE when did CG start his grand scheme
SURVEYING METHODS I, too, have been trained by associates of Mr Rennie; does CG bother with the chain at all
MAP SCALE mine is one third larger
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