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Westmorland Gazette, 26 July 1823:-
  letter from C Greenwood
SIR, - Mr. Hodgson has now, however, confessed that he was aware of our undertaking before he had determined upon his Survey of Westmorland, and which, no doubt, was his reason for not advertising his intentions in the Newspapers of the County; for, had he done so, it would have afforded us an opportunity of guarding ourselves against the most unfair advantage he has taken of us. It appears that, at the very time our Surveyors were in the adjoining County of Cumberland, Mr. Hodgson commenced his canvas for Subscribers to his Map in Westmorland; at a time too when our Maps of Lancashire, Yorkshire, and Durham, almost encompassing the County, were before the Public. And this was done in so close a manner as to keep the circumstances almost entirely unknown to us, until our Survey of Westmorland was nearly completed; and not until the 13th of July, last year, did his advertisements appear at all in the Kendal Newspapers, when it appears he had secured most of his Subscribers - How miserable are the attempts of this Gentleman to have my statements misconstrued, and thus deceive the Public: his own words are these, "I stated, and now repeat it, that on my commencement, and for many months after, I knew nothing of their Survey of Cumberland and Westmorland." And then what follows? Does he not flatly contradict himself by going on to say, that he knew perfectly well nine years ago of our proposed Series of County Maps? and reminds us we did not obtain a Patent!! The discernment of the people of England shall be our Patent; and what is his? that having proceeded in the most unfair, illiberal, and unhandsome, manner, in the obtainment of his Subscribers, and which, in my opinion, will in the end prove to him a very bad one indeed. Mr. Hodgson says, he knew of our proposed Series of County Maps nine years ago: I have warned him before to be more correct in his assertions, he could have no such knowledge nine years ago, as we had then only just commenced our Survey of Yorkshire, and not until about four years afterwards did we determine upon a Survey of all the Counties of England and Wales. However, Mr. Hodgson had heard of it, and therefore it brings his acquaintance with our proceedings to within a few years of the time he started his opposition in Westmorland.
Mr. Hodgson observes that, were it in my power to produce to the world one single name subscribed to him by mistake, he is disposed to think I should not be scrupulous in doing so; but what inclines him to harbour such an opinion of me, or what right has he established to such a conclusion? If I cannot prove to him most satisfactorily that my assertions are true, he shall be at liberty to expose me as having wilfully circulated a falsehood; and for this proof I hold myself accessible to him or any friends on whose honour I can depend.
The very great [stir] he makes about my having charged him with dishonourable proceedings in his Survey, is evidently a mistake; and when he can distinguish between the departments, of canvasing the County for Subscribers, and proceeding with his Survey, he will discover his error; the quotation he makes from my letter says nothing about the proceedings of his Survey.
I have abandoned nothing: I am correct in what I have asserted, not knowing any thing to the contrary; I am perfectly open to conviction, but I will not allow myself to be misrepresented, if I can help it; and, having pointed out a way by which these things may be set at rest, I shall deem any further contradiction of what I have asserted rude and ungentlemanly in the extreme - I have seen a circular of Mr. Hodgson's, addressed to his Subscribers, and distributed amongst them, on the contents of which I shall remark in my next letter; and, in a short time, I intend publishing our List of Subscribers for the County of Westmorland.
I am, Sir,
Your obedient Servant,
Ambleside, July 2[5]th, 1823.
Also in the Kendal Chronicle 26 July 1823.


from - C Greenwood
to - the Editor, replying to T Hodgson
PRIOR KNOWLEDGE TH admits he knew we were surveying all counties, including Westmorland and Cumberland
SUBSCRIBERS TH did behave unfairly, but I never said so
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