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Page 90:-
of summer, all is gay; the heat of the sun may at times incommode, but the lengthened days will afford a few hours for retirement in the shade, and the evenings are free from the chilling blasts prevalent at other seasons.- In autumn, the fields, the woods, and the mountains sides, display their most splendid variety of colouring, and the air is often favourable for distant prospects; but the days are somewhat contracted, and for long excursions more early rising is required.- Even in winter, the lakes still exhibit the same expanse of water, or else a glassy sheet of ice; the mountains - whether naked, or partially or wholly covered with a mantle of snow - still reign in their wonted majesty; the rocks have lost nothing of their grandure, and the waterfalls are occasionally rendered more striking by the splendent and fantastic forms in which their spray is congealed.
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But it should be kept in mind that more rain falls in mountainous than in open countries, and the showers come on more suddenly. The time of the tourist should, therefore, be so calculated as to allow him now and then to spare a day; as there is a probability that the greatest part of a day will be sometimes of necessity spent within doors - when the museums of natural history and the exhibitions of paintings will be the principal resources.
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