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Page 89:-

season to visit
For visiting the Lakes depends much upon the taste of the Tourist. They may be seen with pleasure at any time from the beginning of May to the end of October, provided the weather be favourable. Pedestrians will feel the month of May an agreeable season, and they will then find more room at the inns. Towards the end of June many professional gentlemen are at liberty, and students at the Universities often find it advantageous to spend three months among the lakes, thus blending instruction with healthy recreation. Large parties commonly require more time in fitting out, and are later in arrival: so that the most busy time is generally from the last week in July to the middle of September. The artist will prefer the richly diversified colouring of autumn, which will be in the greatest perfection in the month of October.
To such as make the tour with a disposition to be pleased, every season has its peculiar charms. The budding spring, the blooming summer, the luxuriant autumn, and even the biting frosts of winter have each their respective attractions. In spring, all nature is in her most cheerful mood: it is pleasing to observe the daily progress of the different kinds of trees as they spread out their leaves, and the different plants as they expand their blossoms; while the feathered choir enliven they air with their morning and evening songs.- In the middle
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