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Bow Fell
Rises proudly in view from Windermere and Esthwaite Lakes. It is 2911 feet in height, and sheds the rain water into Borrowdale, Langdale, and Eskdale. It is easiest of access from Langdale, but may be reached from any of the above mentioned vales, or from the vale of Duddon.

Great Gable

- So called from its shape - is a fine object as viewed from Wasdale, from Ennerdale, or from Crummock Lake; it is also seen from Windermere. It is 2925 feet in height, and is remarkable for a well of pure water on the very summit. This is not a spring issuing in the common way out of the earth; but is supplied immediately from the atmosphere, in the shape of rains and dews. It is a triangular receptacle in the rock, six inches deep, and capable of holding about two gallons; and by containing water in the driest seasons, shews how slight a degree of evaporation is carried on at this altitude. The rock of Gable is a very hard, compact, dark-coloured stone, with garnets imbedded.

- A mountain rivalling the Gable in height - is situated between the vale of Ennerdale and that branch of Wasdale-head called Mosedale. It presents towards Ennerdale one of the grandest rocky
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