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Page 67:-
[hav]ing arrived at Sty-head and obtained a sight of the pile - will be inclined to take the shortest way, by the foot of the great rocks, with a steep ascent at last to the summit. And those who take the last-mentioned route in their progress, should be advised to pass over Great-end and the intermediate summits in returning, for the sake of the varied prospects which they afford.
The divergency of several vallies from this point, has been compared to the spokes of a wheel; and in tracing their courses upon a map, the simile may be applicable enough; but, upon the spot, the resemblance is not so striking - the mountains run athwart one another in such a way, that little can be seen of the intervening vallies.
As may be expected from its altitude, the prospect on every side is extensive. We overlook an immense assemblage of mountains, which to particularize would be thought tedious; and a mere list of their names could convey little information. The near ones exhibit the stern grandeur of their rocky summits; but their general arrangement is not so splendid, nor their forms so stately, as when viewed from Helvellyn, or from the ascent to Skiddaw; and there is a deficiency of the rich lowland views that may be had from the latter mountain.
Satiated by mountain scenery, the eye is instinctively turned towards the sea, which opens to a great extent, and shews the various indentations of the Lancashire and Cumberland coasts; with the isle
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