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Page 57:-
[atten]tion; but rather such as may be distinctly known and properly appreciated. It must not be expected that objects at fifty miles distance, should appear as distinct as these near at hand; indeed it often happens, that they cannot be seen at all, though the air to a moderate distance seems remarkably clear; yet still, a person who sets out with a disposition to be pleased, will, on any tolerably fine day, be sufficiently compensated for his trouble; and the more the distant objects are veiled from view, the higher will the nearer ones rise in estimation.
One of the most vexatious circumstances, and which not unfrequently happens, is to meet with a small cap of cloud upon the summit, that entirely excludes all prospect from thence; in such a case the party - if on foot and not over timid - ought to be conducted from the south end of the ridge downwards about 600 feet to a part of the mountain called Carlside, where most of the objects may be seen that should have been visible from the summit, and the homeward journey by the hamlet of Millbeck not at all lengthened - only in parts steeper. By deviating from Carlside tarn, along the ridge to the point of Hullock, the city of Carlisle may just be seen; and an unrivalled view of Bassenthwaite lake. A party on horseback might go a little to the northward from the summit, make their descent into the valley of Bassenthwaite, and after refreshing at the Castle Inn, return to Keswick on the western side of the Lake.
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