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Page 56:-
Walls of Brougham Castle, and the mansion of Lord Chancellor Brougham. The hills surrounding Ullswater are in view, and the top of Ingleborough appears beyond the end of High Street. Through the gap of Dunmail Raise, the estuary of the Kent, below Milnthorp, appears in two small portions, separated by the intervention of Yewbarrow, a hill in Witherslack; and the castle of Lancaster may sometimes be discerned with a telescope, beyond the southern edge of Gummershow in Cartmel Fells.
The superior eminences of Scawfell and Gable have been in full view during our ascent, and we may now discover Black Combe through an opening between the latter and Kirkfell; and part of the Screes mountain beyond Wast Water, between Kirkfell and the Pillar. In the same direction, may Snowdon in Wales possibly be sometimes discerned; but ninety-nine times out of a hundred it would be in vain to look for it; the same may be said of the Irish mountains; and the lake of Windermere, which has so often been included both in oral and written descriptions, cannot be seen at all from Skiddaw.
It would be superfluous to enumerate more of the objects which on a very fine day may be seen from this mountain; it is the province of the guide to point them out as they rise into view, or as a favourable light renders them most clearly discernible. It is not those objects that are seldom and dimly seen, that ought to receive the greatest atten-
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