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 road, Windermere to Coniston
road, Coniston to Hawkshead
Coniston to Hawkshead
Hawkshead to Coniston
civil parish:-   Coniston (formerly Lancashire)
civil parish:-   Hawkshead (formerly Lancashire)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   road route
10Km square:-   SD39

evidence:-   descriptive text:- West 1778 (11th edn 1821) 
source data:-   Guide book, A Guide to the Lakes, by Thomas West, published by William Pennington, Kendal, Cumbria once Westmorland, and in London, 1778 to 1821.
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Page 54:-  "..."
"At Water-head, the road to the east leads to Ambleside, eight miles; to Hawkshead, three. Ascend a steep hill surronded (sic) with"
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Page 55:-  "wood, and have a back view of the lake. ... turn your face to the east, and you have a view of some part of Windermere-water. The road soon divides; the left leads to Ambleside, the right to Hawkshead, which stands under a mountain, at the upper end of a narrow valley. The church is seated on the front of an eminence that commands the vale, which is floated with"

evidence:-   road map:- Cary 1790 (Lan/edn 1792) 
source data:-   Road map, hand coloured engraving, Lancashire, scale about 18 miles to 1 inch, by John Cary, 181 Strand, London, 1790, edn 1792.
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double line, with road distances from Broughton in Furness 
item:-  JandMN : 418
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evidence:-   old map:- Cooke 1802
source data:-   Map, Lancashire, scale about 18 miles to 1 inch, by George Cooke, 1802, bound in Gray's New Book of Roads, 1824, published by Sherwood, Jones and Co, Paternoster Road, London, 1824.
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"from Ravenglass"
double line, light dark solid; road 
item:-  Hampshire Museums : FA2000.62.6
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evidence:-   old map:- Laurie and Whittle 1806
source data:-   Road map, Completion of the Roads to the Lakes, scale about 10 miles to 1 inch, by Nathaniel Coltman? 1806, published by Robert H Laurie, 53 Fleet Street, London, 1834.
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light line; 'Other Direct Roads from LONDON' 
item:-  private collection : 18.18
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evidence:-   descriptive text:- Ford 1839 (3rd edn 1843) 
source data:-   Guide book, A Description of Scenery in the Lake District, by Rev William Ford, published by Charles Thurnam, Carlisle, by W Edwards, 12 Ave Maria Lane, Charles Tilt, Fleet Street, William Smith, 113 Fleet Street, London, by Currie and Bowman, Newcastle, by Bancks and Co, Manchester, by Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh, and by Sinclair, Dumfries, 1839.
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Page 15:-  "..."
"With feelings of mingled delight and regret, the tourist may now leave Coniston and proceed to Hawkshead, over a road wild and dreary, among heath-clad rocks, and past some picturesque cottages, beyond which is seen the town, its white houses, church, and lake, and Furness Fells, making a beautiful pastoral picture."

evidence:-   old map:- Ford 1839 map
source data:-   Map, uncoloured engraving, Map of the Lake District of Cumberland, Westmoreland and Lancashire, scale about 3.5 miles to 1 inch, published by Charles Thurnam, Carlisle, and by R Groombridge, 5 Paternoster Row, London, 3rd edn 1843.
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places:-    Coniston

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